Kitagawa DL200 Series


2-step gripping

Unbelievable versatility with the ability to grip anything you want


Special Features:

  • Increased gripping options
    KITAGAWA introduce the worlds 1st chuck with two stage gripping action.
    Parallel jaw clamping with secondary pull back action for work-pieces seating.
    Jaws do not protrude in the Z Axis unlike conventional pull back chucks. This
    allows for improved gripping on difficult areas.
    The gripping range is extended up the chuck OD allowing a wider range of work-pieces to be machined.
    DL series contributes to improve the productivity by applying flexible chucking for various operations.
  • Ideal for volume production machining
    Dust proof sealed body design for long life. Suitable for automation and volume production.
  • Easy jaw forming
    Serrated Jaws are used allowing for easy jaw forming by customer.
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