Kitagawa PW Series


Pull back of work-pieces for secure gripping of casting or forging

PWC compensating type for rough casting through centre

Special Features:

  • Powerful Gripping
    After gripping the component in a radial direction, a power PULL-BACK action is applied which significantly increases the Gripping Force, allowing a heavier machine cut to be taken
  • Complete Sealing
    Additional sealing at (1) and (2) reduces grease contamination and
    increases maintenance period.
  • High Durability
    Master jaws are of spherical design and sealed against swarf and coolant.
    This permits High Gripping Forces to be retained between lubrication periods.
  • JAW Equalising 5°max equalising angle
    Various work-pieces can be firmly gripped by the self-equalising jaws to max. 5°.
  • Gripping on Tapered Parts
    The radial and PULL-BACK jaw action allows rough tapered castings
    and forgings to be securely gripped to maximum 20°.
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